The Freshest Vintage & Secondhand Boutiques in Portland, OR

Want to keep your style fresh without buying into fast fashion waste? We are here to tell you that you can look as amazing as you always do in secondhand and vintage pieces that fit your style and budget WITHOUT that old mothball smell. If you live in Portland, Oregon, you probably just have to walk down the block.

Behold some of our favorites:

Neighborhood | Kerns/Buckman

Store Name | Palace

Location | East Burnside & 22nd

What's in the Shop | Vintage and ethically, sustainably sourced new women’s clothing from independent designers, jewelry, self-care products, and gifts

What We Love | All things fun, good, and beautiful!

Consignment? | No

Store Name | Modo

Location | East Burnside & 7th

What's in the Shop | A mix of designer and independent brands for women’s clothing and shoes

What We Love | Designer dresses to wear to a wedding and lots of fun things to wear to work

Consignment? | Yes

Store Name | Banshee

Location | East Burnside & 24th

What's in the Shop | Vintage women’s clothing curated for modern sensibilities

What We Love | Great denim selection and lots of quirky, easy pieces in lush fabrics

Consignment? | No

Neighborhood | Kenton

Store Name | Give and Take Resale

Location | North Denver & Kilpatrick

What's in the Shop | A good mix of contemporary and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women, along with furniture, records, and home decor

What We Love | Carhartt, wearable vintage dresses, or upcycled items from in-house tailor Urban Appeal Design

Consignment? | Yes, and trade

Neighborhood | Williams

Store Name | Workshop Vintage

Location | North Williams & Shaver

What's in the Shop | Fun vintage clothing, shoes, and jewelry for men and women

What We Love | Antique jewelry and turquoise rings, boho vintage clothing, and all the mystical, magical goodies your heart desires

Consignment? | No

Neighborhood | Arbor Lodge

Store Name | Button

Location | North Interstate & Rosa Parks

What's in the Shop | Contemporary clothing, shoes, and accessories for women and children from brands like Reformation, Everlane, Madewell, Free People, Prairie Underground, and Sanctuary

What We Love | High quality, classic, well-curated pieces that give us serious cool girl vibes -- this just might be your new go-to

Consignment? | Yes

Neighborhood | Alberta

Store Name | Bristlecone

Location | NE 30th & Alberta

What's in the Shop | Vintage accessories, shoes, and clothing for women and men

What We Love | Fun hats and accessories, vintage swimsuits and slips

Consignment? | No

Neighborhood | Central Eastside Industrial District

Store Name | Animal Traffic

Location | SE Taylor & 2nd

What's in the Shop | “Heritage style” new and vintage high quality clothing and shoes

What We Love | Classic and cool, non-gendered clothes with a Southwestern flair

Consignment? | No

Neighborhood | Hawthorne

Store Name | House of Vintage

Location | SE Hawthorne & 33rd

What's in the Shop | A LOT of vintage -- all genders, all ages, all the things

What We Love | Great place to spend an entire day digging for a new vintage treasure -- clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, records

Consignment? | No

Store Name | Red Light

Location | SE Hawthorne & 35th

What's in the Shop | Also A LOT of vintage and contemporary pieces that are FUN with a capital F for all genders

What We Love | Ok we take that back. You could easily spend an entire WEEKEND shopping all the great vintage on Hawthorne. Please, do. Great for costumes and something to match that bold personality of yours.

Consignment? | Yes - loud, fierce pieces onlyyyyy

Neighborhood | Division

Store Name | Mister Sister

Location | SE Division & 37th

What's in the Shop | Contemporary women’s vintage, house wares, self-care goodies galore

What We Love | You know that daydream you have about moving to the desert and living out of a cool camper van and just writing and making art? Everything here gives you that aesthetic so hard, you’ll think you’re in Joshua Tree shooting your new album cover.

Consignment? | No

Store Name | Artifact Creative Recycle

Location | SE Division & 36th

What's in the Shop | A wide range of contemporary secondhand and vintage styles for all genders

What We Love | Go-to spot for your next festival outfit, and a good selection of bags and cool furniture

Consignment? | Yes

Neighborhood | St. Johns

Store Name | Gather Resale

Location | North Lombard & Buchanan

What's in the Shop | Contemporary women’s clothing and shoes from mainstream brands like J. Crew, Anthropologie, Aritzia, Banana Republic, and Gap

What We Love | Cute fitting area, fun vibes, and an in-house tailor

Consignment? | Yes

Neighborhood | Downtown

Store Name | Backtalk

Location | SW 10th & Washington

What's in the Shop | Handmade and vintage items in sustainable, natural, and comfortable fabrics

What We Love | Gorgeous aesthetic, and sustainable, local sourcing. You will find it hard not to want every single item in this store and stay there forever.

Consignment? | No

Store Name | Red Luck

Location | SW 2nd & Oak

What's in the Shop | Vintage and handmade clothes with an emphasis on color

What We Love | Anything you get here is unique and will give you lots of those, “Oh my gosh, I love that. Where did you get it??” moments. And raincoats!

Consignment | No

You know how half the time you ask someone where they got something they say "Forever" or "Target" with a shrug and a half-smile like, "I know I'm not original, but I am proud of how cheap it was!" I'm not judging, by the way. About 100% of us, including myself have done this. Imagine the look of pride on your face when you know your next compliment-worthy outfit contributed zero additional harm to the environment and came from a local boutique.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these are some of our favorites for easy shopping for a variety of styles, whether you're a modern minimalist, a trendy fashion girl, or love rocking a look with a little old school flair.

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