facial roller
black obsidian facial tools
facial roller
black obsidian facial tools

Black Obsidian Facial Roller

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Facial Roller is made from black obsidian, a natural crystal formed from rapidly cooling lava. This dual stone facial roller relieves tension, reduces puffiness,  promotes circulation, and helps skincare products absorb into skin. Use morning and/ or night to improve overall skin health and appearance by stimulating collagen, massaging tense muscles, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Each roller is unique and may have slight variations due to the organic nature of the stone. 

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Black obsidian and metal. This black obsidian is legally sourced from a mountain in China, and manufactured in China. 


FSC certified sleeve made with 30% recycled content.

Use Instructions

To use, work out from the center of your face and in an upward motion. Use with facial oil, serum, or moisturizer to improve absorption of product and lubricate roller.

Care Instructions

Handle with care and press lightly. Clean roller with a damp cloth and/ or rubbing alcohol.

End of Life Instructions

Metal joints can be recycled and obsidian can return to the earth from whence it came.

Where It Comes From

Alder New York is a queer and woman-owned independent skincare brand that makes products designed to work for all skin types, no matter your age, gender, or ethnicity. Their factory is BSCI, ISO9001, and BV certified and does regular social audits.