plastic-free broom and dustpan
wooden broom and dustpan
plastic-free broom and dustpan
wooden broom and dustpan

Broom & Dustpan Set

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Dustpan and brush set made of oiled maple with horse hair and metal dustpan. Altogether practical and beautiful!

Weight: 1.7 lb
Length: 35.4"
Width: 9.8"
Height 7.9"

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Oil-treated maple and horse hair brush, metal dustpan.

Care Instructions


Remove the dust from the brush with your hand or use an old hairbrush. If the bristles have lost their shape you can wet them in lukewarm water and reshape while damp. Hang the brush to dry. Clean the shovel with a damp cloth.

End of Life Instructions

Compost the broom, recycle the dustpan.

Where It Comes From

Iris Hantverk is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and employs six visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures to make brushes according to an old Swedish tradition. They also work with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia.