Reusable Sponge (Linen + Loofah)
Reusable Sponge (Linen + Loofah)
Reusable Sponge (Linen + Loofah)
Reusable Sponge (Linen + Loofah)

Reusable Sponge (Linen + Loofah)

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Alternative to plastic sponges.

This Do Good Sponge set is handmade by Ardent Goods, reusable, washable, and free of plastic and polyester.

Includes one loofah scrubber and two squeezable linen sponges filled with untreated cotton. Sewn with cotton threading, these sponges are made with entirely sustainable textiles. 

  • Reusable
  • Natural Insert Component
  • Sustainable Non Toxic Textiles
  • Small Batch Human Made

Squishy is apx 4" x 6"
Loofah is apx 4"x2"

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Handmade with linen, cotton thread and insert with plant-based loofah.


Recycled paper band.

Use Instructions

Both sponges can be machine washed and tumble-dried. Replace loofah scrubber every 3 or more months depending on usage. Conveniently refresh sponge quickly by adding to a full dishwasher load.

End-of-Life Instructions

Recycle or compost paper sleeve. Everything can be composted in your backyard compost!

Where It Comes From

Ardent Goods is a woman-owned, AAPI-owned business based in Pleasanton, CA. They create products that aim to reduce waste and include great design. Choosing non-toxic all natural ingredients has always been their main priority, and they’ve kept to that standard by using essential oils, carcinogen-free fragrance oils, botanicals and other nourishing natural ingredients. They design products that are natural and clean and meant to be used again and again. Their packaging is always either multiple use or is recyclable or biodegradable.