Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids
Flexible Bowl Lids

Flexible Bowl Lids

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Size Small and Medium Set

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Alternative to saran wrap or aluminum foil.

Lids that fit the bowls you already own!

Food Huggers Lids are the only flexible fit lids with the strength to stack. The tempered glass lens lets you see what you have stored.

  • Stackable, durable tempered glass lens saves space
  • See what's inside your bowls
  • Keeps your fridge organized (and beautiful)
  • Dishwasher safe & easy to clean
  • Say goodbye to plastic wrap and foil waste
  • 100% BPA and phthalate-free
  • Support women-owned & inventor-owned small business
  • Microwave-safe

Comes in two options:

  • Set of 2: 1 Small and 1 Medium - Small (Fits Bowls 4.3” - 5.5”), Medium (Fits Bowls 5.5” - 6.7”)
  • Single: 1 Large (Fits Bowls 6.3” - 7.5”)

Similar Options:


Food-grade silicone and tempered glass.


Cardboard box.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe. 

Careful with microwaving! Food Huggers has concern that if a bowl is microwaved with the lid on, your fingers could get scaled with steam when you go to remove the lid from the bowl. To be clear, the materials in these Bowl Lids are 100% microwave-safe. But the nature of how tightly they can seal means that steam builds up under pressure inside the bowl and that is a risky situation for whoever removes the lid.  We do not have any ventilation on this design to release the pressure that often builds up when food is heated in the microwave so you might also see your lid pop off the bowl in the microwave which might be messy.  

End of Life Recommendations

Recycle or compost packaging. The best option is actually to burn the silicone outdoors. Burning silicone is rather safe since silicone dioxide is basically sand and glass. It will produce some CO2 but on a very small scale. The glass likely can't be recycled curbside, but is recyclable in some facilities.

Where It Comes From

Food Huggers is a female inventor-owned business dedicated to getting all the great nutrition, freshness, and flavor possible from our food. They ship from Redlands, CA.