32 oz Jar with Tare
32 oz Jar with Tare
32 oz Jar with Tare
32 oz Jar with Tare

32 oz Jar with Tare

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Alternative to plastic produce or bulk grocery bags.

With the tare weight printed right on the jar in ounces, pounds, and grams, you can skip a step at the grocery store and take your filled jar right up to the cashier without pre-weighing. [Tare weight = weight of an empty vessel or container.] No plastic bag needed, take your jar straight from the store to your pantry shelf. 

These 32 oz glass jars with white metal lids are perfect for holding bulk coffee, oatmeal, dog biscuits, grains, legumes, and pasta. 

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Glass jar and aluminum lid.



Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe. (No fading to the printing or damage to jars or lids!) They can be heated, frozen, and used for canning.

End of Life Instructions

Jar and lid can be recycled.

Where It Comes From

Goods Holding Co. is a woman-owned company based in the Bay Area of California working toward B Corp certification. All glass jars and metal lids are made in the USA and printed in the Bay Area.