Abacus Rattle
Abacus Rattle
Abacus Rattle
Abacus Rattle

Abacus Rattle

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Alternative to plastic rattles

Go ahead...shake it, baby!

This modern take on the classic abacus is the perfect gift for the child who enjoys modern design and natural materials. The varying shapes are interesting to grasp and smooth to the touch, while the clacking sound creates a soothing, yet intriguing, noise. These elements combine to create a modern gift that can stand the test of time.

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Maple and birch wood.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with hot water and mild soap. Do not submerge. Or use the Wooden Toy Cleaning Kit!



End of Life Instructions

Give it away to another baby. If the rattle becomes damaged, you can compost or burn it.

Where It Comes From

Clover and Birch is a woman-owned business making small-batch handmade toys with FSC-certified wood in Atlanta, Georgia.