beautiful baby shampoo
beautiful baby shampoo
beautiful baby shampoo
beautiful baby shampoo

Beautiful Baby Shampoo

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Alternative to baby shampoo in plastic bottles.

Oh, sweetness! This bar of baby shampoo is made especially for beautiful babies with all their tender vulnerability. Made from gentle teas of organic calendula and heart's ease (wild viola), which are added to a blend of food-grade plant oils that nourish and soothe scalp and hair while gently cleansing. Heart's ease heals cradle cap while calendula provides bounteous skincare and healing.


Made from: olive, coconut, castor, hemp seed, apricot kernel, shea butter, avocado and rosehip seed oils; infusions of organic calendula and heart's ease; lavender essential oil.

100% natural, gluten-free & vegan.


Comes in a compostable & recyclable paper sleeve with plastic tape dot.

Care Instructions

Use a soap dish or rack to avoid soap sitting in a pool of water. You can also keep in a soap bag to use as a washcloth. Another option is keeping directly on a loofah, which pre-soaps it.

End of Life Instructions

Soap is 100% biodegradable. Paper sleeve can be composted, recycled, or repurposed. Tape dot goes in landfill trash.

Where It Comes From

Camamu Soaps is a husband and wife team based out of Portland, Oregon committed to green living and continuing the ethos and mission of creating 100% natural skincare products through artisanal techniques.