Enamel Funnel
Enamel Funnel
Enamel Funnel
Enamel Funnel

Enamel Funnel

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Alternative to plastic funnels. 

Enamel has been held in high regard for centuries thanks to its rust-free, surface-sealing, highly hygienic properties, and ease of cleaning. The special surface guarantees the simple care of these lovely, traditional kitchen articles. 

This product may have some areas where the under-surface is exposed. There's nothing wrong with it - it just comes with a bit of built-in character!

This funnel has a narrow opening, perfect for funneling liquids into containers for your DIY projects!

Length: 13 cm./5.1 in.

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Care Instructions

Machine wash sparingly. It's best to hand wash this funnel with warm water and soap.

End of Life Instructions

This funnel is made to last a lifetime and is highly durable, so we wouldn't expect you to deem it "end-of-life" any time soon. If you're done with it, donate to a thrift store - someone out there will consider it a total steal! If no longer usable, find out if your municipality accepts enamel kitchen items for recycling. If not, throw in the trash. 

Where It Comes From

Redecker is a family-owned business operating for three generations in Germany committed to making quality products that stand the test of time from natural, renewable resources.