Package-Free Groceries Resolution Kit

Package-Free Groceries Resolution Kit

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According to the EPA, containers and packaging account for over 28% of municipal solid waste (MSW), adding up to over 80 million tons of waste each year. Curb your food packaging waste by bringing your own bags and containers to the grocery store. Go disposable-packaging-free!

This kit contains:

  • Medium Mesh Organic Cotton Produce Bag - great as an alternative to plastic bags in the produce section
  • Medium Organic Cotton Produce Bag - works well for produce as well as items from the bulk section like nuts, grains, snacks, etc
  • Bulk Flour Bag - get flours, coffee grounds, and other fine powders from the bulk section in this bag that keeps powder from escaping the bag!
  • 16 oz. Jar with Tare - can be used for both liquids and solids in the bulk section, including nut butter and items from the salad bar or prepared foods section of the grocery store!
  • 4 oz. Jar with Tare - the perfect size for bulk spices and tea