Pour Over Carafe

Pour Over Carafe

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Alternative to coffee makers that use disposable filters or pods, or french presses with plastic components.

This Pour Over Carafe is an artful, functional tool for everyday use. Brew clean, perfectly balanced pour-over coffee for one, or to share. The borosilicate pitcher allows for easy handling and superior heat retention. Makes 1-6 cups of coffee at a time. Each carafe comes with a lid that helps keep coffee fresh for later (perfect for storing in the fridge for cold brew!).

The Pour Over Carafe is compatible with conical filter including Chemex, Hario (V02)  filters. We recommend purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding it fresh before each brew. For optimal results, use the Medium grind setting on your grinder.

Not a coffee person but love the look? This carafe is also the perfect vessel for brewing and storing tea, sangria, lemonade or even flavored water.

The Carafe is made using premium borosilicate glass that is most commonly associated with laboratory glassware and high end kitchenwares. Borosilicate glass is much more resistant to thermal shock than standard glass. It provides a delicate appearance and superior thermal shock durability.

Dimensions: 5" D x 10" H

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Borosilicate glass.

Care Instructions

Wash by hand.


Paper box.

End of Life Instructions

Recycle or compost the paper box. Recycle pour-over carafe.

Where It Comes From

Yield is a Florida-based designer and manufacturer that makes timeless pieces that last. Their philosophy is that beauty, sustainability and ethical production are not at odds: they must all be considered to create something of true worth.