DIY Caffeine Serum for Tired Eyes

Is there not something satisfying about giving our eyes a little extra love? I mean, they have this special ability to show the world whether we're rested or tired, they're the windows to our souls. Good news - you can make an effective, plastic-free, nontoxic eye treatment using just ingredients in your kitchen. And it will smell irresistible, so if you want to give it a taste, we won't judge.

You'll need:

  • Ground coffee
  • Sunflower seed oil or other liquid carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond, or even olive oil will work great)
  • Vitamin E oil (optional)


  1. In a small jar, add 1 part freshly ground coffee to 4 parts liquid oil.
  2. Cover and let sit overnight.
  3. Strain with a nut milk bag, tea sock, or metal strainer.
  4. If using, stir in vitamin E oil.
  5. Funnel into a small dropper bottle.
  6. To use, dab a small drop under each eye and massage with your fingers.

Why coffee?

Caffeine -- and specifically coffee -- has a lot of great benefits for the skin that make it perfect for an under eye treatment. Applying caffeine to the skin can help reduce fine lines and dark circles under eyes. Additionally, coffee contains chlorogenic acid (CGA), which helps prevent hyperpigmentation.1

Why sunflower seed oil?

Sunflower seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties and contains vitamin E (see comments about vitamin E below). It has a fast absorption rate, making it perfect for applying before sunscreen, primer, makeup, or whatever else you're putting on your face.2

Why vitamin E?

Vitamin E (or tocopherol) acts as an antioxidant, prolonging the life of this oil-based concoction. But that's not all! Vitamin E is great for your skin too -- it helps with hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.3

If you try this recipe or one similar, be sure to let us know! We'd love to hear how it works for you. Comment below or reach out to us on Instagram!


References: 1| Coffee Benefits for Skin - Healthline, 2| Plant-Powered Beauty, 3| How Can Vitamin E Oil Help the Appearance and Health of My Face? - Healthline

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  • I’m curious if other forms of caffeine can be used in this homemade recipe. I was wondering about tea as well as pure caffeine (powder form)? TIA

    Leigh on
  • Thanks! I already have the coffee oil so I guess I can simply add C serum as well as E. Thanks, Genevieve, Rua’h kibriya, Blacksburg, VA PS: I’ll let you know how it works :-)

    Genevieve Gwynne on
  • Can this be used every day and will it stain your skin after awhile

    Eileen on
  • I’m so getting excited to try

    Geraldine on
  • Hi Carrie,
    Great question! No need to refrigerate since there is no water in this recipe, and therefore no risk of bacteria growth at room temp. Shelf life is always a bit of a guessing game with DIY formulas, but the standard shelf life for face oils is usually between 6-12 months. What typically causes oils to “go bad” is oxidization. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, so if you use vitamin E, your shelf life will probably lean more in the 12-month direction.

    If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend checking out our guide to “Choosing the Right Oils for Your Skincare DIY” for a bit more about which carrier oil is most likely to work well for you!

    Let us know how it works for you!! :)

    Lindsay (Good Intent) on
  • Going to make this soon but does this need refrigerated and how long is it good for.

    Carrie Kenney on

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