baby balm soap
baby balm soap
baby balm soap
baby balm soap

So Gentle (Baby Balm) Soap

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Alternative to plastic containers of body wash.

Camamu's So Gentle (formerly Baby Balm) Soap is for those, young and old, who want a purely natural, uncomplicated product. Unscented, enriched with a wealth of richly moisturizing shea butter, avocado, and sweet almond oils and infused with a strong tea of skin-healing organic calendula, this is the perfect soap for babies and sensitive souls of any age.

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Olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm, shea butter, avocado & sweet almond oils; infused with organic calendula; unscented.

100% natural, gluten-free & vegan.


Comes in a compostable & recyclable paper sleeve with plastic tape dot.

Care Instructions

Use a soap dish or rack to avoid soap sitting in a pool of water. You can also keep them in a soap bag to use as a washcloth. Another option is keeping directly on a loofah, which pre-soaps it.

End of Life Instructions

Soap is 100% biodegradable. Paper sleeve can be composted, recycled, or repurposed. Tape dot goes in landfill trash.

Where It Comes From

Camamu Soaps is a husband and wife team based out of Portland, Oregon committed to green living and continuing the ethos and mission of creating 100% natural skincare products through artisanal techniques.