pimple mud
pimple mud
Pimple Mud
pimple mud
pimple mud
Pimple Mud

Pimple Mud

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Alternative to acne treatments in plastic packaging.

No need to attack our face with harsh chemicals which usually end up making things worse for our skin and our environment!

Better to hone in on the breakout and use the drawing properties that occur naturally in bentonite clay. The pulling effect of the drying clay helps get circulation moving in the face, and with blood comes clean-up cells! Improving circulation in the face improves your skin condition overall. Witch hazel extract and tea tree get deep into those pores and goldenseal used topically works wonders clearing bacteria looking to camp out, making this Pimple Mud great to apply to splinters too! 

2 fl oz 

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Bentonite clay, witch hazel extract*, goldenseal root*, and tea tree essential oil*.



Glass jar with aluminum lid.

Use Instructions

Apply to that pimple and let the mud dry. Then rinse off. Use as a spot treatment or full mask.

Care Instructions

Pimple Mud will last a good long while. If it dries out, simply add some water.

For best results, use within 1-year of purchase.

End of Life Recommendations

Clean and reuse for DIY creations, or you can recycle both the glass and aluminum.

Where It Comes From

Continuing a family legacy of herbalists and natural healers, Fat and the Moon founder Rachel Budde has built her company around providing handcrafted, herbal body care products to those seeking natural and effective alternatives to chemical-filled products. Like a witch over a cauldron, Budde experiments with age-old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions to craft innovatively simple products that are good for the body and the earth. Fat and the Moon is based in Grass Valley, California on Nisenan land.