Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks
Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks
Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks
Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks

Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks

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Alternative to disposable chopsticks.

Billions of disposable chopsticks are thrown away every year. Use reusable bamboo chopsticks instead!

These reusable bamboo chopsticks come from an organic, renewable bamboo source, and are hand-burnished to a naturally smooth finish (splinter-free).

Lightweight and sturdy, these go-anywhere eating utensils can handle more than fried noodles or sushi. Bamboo chopsticks are a great and versatile eating utensil and can be useful tools in the kitchen too. They wash off easily, travel well, and can be used over and over again. 

  • Lightweight & more durable than wood
  • Made without glues or lacquers
  • Won’t scratch cooking surfaces or transfer heat
  • Naturally stain-resistant & anti-microbial
  • Finished with food-grade, certified organic oil derived from the flaxseed
  • Hand wash for longer life

Size: 9 1/4’’ 

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Utensils made from USDA Certified Organic Bamboo. No packaging.

Care Instructions

  • Not recommended for microwave or dishwasher
  • Hand wash utensils for longer life, and avoid prolonged soaking
  • Recommend using Bamboo and Wood Grain Finishing Oil to keep your bamboo beautiful for years to come

End of Life Instructions

Bamboo can be composted.

Where It Comes From

Bambu is a Portland, Oregon-based B Corp making quality, organic bamboo home goods.