Upcycled Steel Utensil Set
Upcycled Steel Utensil Set
Upcycled Steel Utensil Set
Upcycled Steel Utensil Set

Upcycled Steel Utensil Set

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Alternative to single-use utensils.

Your new, mobile fork, spoon and knife clip together for compact transport and come in a hemp bag that you can keep them in or not for on-the-go eating. 

Take Back Ware is quite special, though, because it is made in part from upcycled shaving blades collected via the Albatross Blade Take Back Program. The blades get melted down into molten steel and combined with new steel to make Take Back Ware. 

This set is a great solution for those who want to use reusable utensils when out and about, but don't love the feeling of bamboo. Just remember that they can't go in your carry-on luggage on an airplane! They are also a great light-weight option for camping and backpacking!

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Goes Great With:


Stainless steel. 


Hemp carrying bag.

Care Instructions

Hand or machine wash.

End of Life Instructions

Recycle utensils and compost hemp bag.

Where It Comes From:

Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic was started by sailors from California to eliminate an entire harmful waste stream from existing (disposable plastic from shaving) and offer a better shave than multi-bladed cartridge razors. They recently introduced Take Back Ware to further build on the circularity of the razor blades they sell and collect!