Low-Waste Trick-or-Treating

What was the candy you coveted most as a kid? Trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition loved by so many, and what's not to love? Dressing up, hanging out with friends, meeting your neighbors, PLUS you get candy!

Unfortunately, the waste that comes with Halloween isn't quite as fun. Candy wrappers destined for landfill and little plastic toys that lose their appeal after a few minutes. So we've compiled a list (in no particular order) of alternatives to give out that allow you to still celebrate, but perhaps in a more low-waste way.

  1. Paper Boxed Candies like Nerds, Dots, Milk Duds, and Junior Mints. These boxes can be recycled and at the very least will break down faster than any traditional plastic candy wrapper.
  2. Foil-Wrapped Bulk Chocolates like ones wrapped as skulls, pumpkins, or eyeballs. If you're able to shop these chocolates in bulk you can also grab only as many as you think you'd use.
  3. Alter-Eco Truffles are sustainably made (with the certifications to prove it!) and their packaging is compostable. A more expensive option, but if you only expect a small crew they are perfect. Plus, any leftovers are delicious for adults!
  4. Equal Exchange Chocolate Bites are tiny fair-trade chocolate bars wrapped in paper. Very cute and packaging that's easily recyclable.
  5. Pencils and Erasers may not be the most thrilling, but they are useful, especially for school age children! They're easy to find themed as well.
  6. Mini Pumpkins would be so exciting for many kids I know. If you don't have many people come through, these pumpkins can be festive fall decor and double as a treat for any kids that come a-knocking!
  7. Coins/Cash may seem boring to receive, but I loved having my own money as a kid and putting it in my piggy bank. 

We know a fully waste-free Halloween is challenging to imagine given our current reality. This year we're excited to be collecting candy wrappers to be recycled. Stop by our shop in Lloyd Center after Halloween to drop them off!

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  • Last year, I handed out mandarin oranges and I got a lot of positive reactions from the kids!

    Michelle Lopez on

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