Replacement Razor Blades (10 Pack)
Replacement Razor Blades (10 Pack)
Replacement Razor Blades (10 Pack)
Replacement Razor Blades (10 Pack)

Replacement Razor Blades (10 Pack)

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Alternative to plastic razor cartridges.

High quality double-edged stainless steel replacement blades to be used with the Basic 3-Piece Razor or the Butterfly Razor. Each pack comes with 10 blades.

In general, we estimate each blade lasting for about 5 shaves; however, this is highly dependent on the density and thickness of whatever is being shaved, be it a grizzly beard or very fine leg hair.

With that said, we use the following guidelines:

Low Shaving Frequency (1 or 2X per week): 3 Blade Packs per Year

Medium Shaving Frequency (2 - 4X per week): 4 -5 Blade Packs per Year

High Shaving Frequency (5 -7X per week): 7 -10 Blade Packs per Year

Blades can also be used interchangeably with other double-edge safety razors.

Goes Great With:


Stainless steel blades. 


Paper packaging.

How to Use

Hold on the vertical ends to place in razors. Remove blade from razor between uses.

End of Life Instructions

Store in a Blade Recycling Tin. Once full, recycle via your local scrap metal recycling service, or send the blades back to us for recycling via Albatross's Take Back Program. They intend to use these blades to upcycle new products in a closed loop system.

Where It Comes From

Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic was started by sailors from California to eliminate an entire harmful waste stream from existing (disposable plastic from shaving) and offer a better shave than multi-bladed cartridge razors.

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