dissolvable laundry pills
laundry tablets
soap nut powder laundry detergent
dissolvable laundry pills
laundry tablets
soap nut powder laundry detergent

Dissolvable Laundry Pills

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Alternative to plastic containers of laundry detergent with harmful chemicals.

Ultra-concentrated soap nut powder in an easy to use pill. Just toss them in the washer and be amazed at how clean, soft, and fresh smelling your clothes come out. Just three organic ingredients are powerful enough to make your laundry clean and odor-free while gentle enough to soften and leave colors intact. No toxic residue, no weird ingredients to research, and no plastic packaging to junk up our world. 


This 8 oz. glass jar holds 100 Laundry Pills, which will do an average of 33 – 50 loads of laundry depending upon your machine type, load size, and temperature. For use with Standard and HE machines.

  • All temperatures
  • All machine types
  • All fabrics
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Unscented
  • Super concentrated
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Vegan capsules

Are you an athlete or live with one? A pet owner? A person who perspires ‘cause you work hard? You will ♥ this detergent.

Did you know this laundry detergent takes out BLACK COFFEE and RED WINE stains better than Seventh Generation®, Ecover®, and Tide®? 


Soap nut powder, baking soda, citric acid.


Glass jar with aluminum lid.

Use Instructions


End of Life Instructions

Jar can be recycled.

Where It Comes From

Shecology is a woman-owned business committed to making the world a cleaner place by ridding the planet of toxic chemicals found in household cleaners + laundry detergent and the plastic containers they are packaged in. They manufacture and sell 100% natural soap nut based cleaning products packaged responsibly in containers intended for reuse/recycle.