bamboo straws
reusable bamboo straws
bamboo straws
reusable bamboo straws

Bamboo Straw

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Alternative to single-use straws.

These straws are made from 100% USDA certified organic bamboo stalks. Juice, iced tea, smoothies, cocktails, kombucha, or whichever drink you or your kids prefer, enjoy your reusable bamboo straws guilt-free. Sold individually so you can stock exactly the number you need.

Benefits of bamboo:

  • Does not impart or absorb flavors
  • Naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial

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USDA-Certified Organic Bamboo



Care Instructions

  • Hand wash for longer life and avoid prolonged soaking

End of Life Instructions

Compost or burn.

Where It Comes From

Bambu is a Portland, Oregon-based B Corp making quality, organic bamboo home goods.