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Onion Bag

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The onion bag is the perfect way to protect onions and fresh heads of garlic from exposure to light, significantly delaying the growth of sprouts. It‘s textile structure of robust burlap and nettle cotton is permeable to air, preventing the build-up of moisture to avoid decay. In addition, due to its integrated round bottom, the onion bag stands up on smooth surfaces even when it is full.

Size: 9.4"W x 10.2"H 
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Robust burlap on the outside, nettle cotton on the inside.


Paper tag.

Use Instructions

Fill with onions and store in a cool, dark, and dry place. 

Care Instructions

  • Spot clean using cold water and a mild detergent (if needed).
  • Do not twist, wring, or tumble dry - instead, gently squeeze out the water.
  • Hang to dry (not in direct sunlight).

End of Life Instructions

Paper tag can be recycled or composted. Bag can be composted. 

Where It Comes From

Redecker is a family-owned business operating for three generations in Germany committed to making quality products that stand the test of time from natural, renewable resources.