Sink + Toilet Cleaner
Sink + Toilet Cleaner
Sink + Toilet Cleaner
Sink + Toilet Cleaner

Sink + Toilet Cleaner

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Alternative to cleaning products in plastic bottles with harmful ingredients.

A few drops of this cleaner mixed with water and applied with sponge or brush, will give you the scrubbing power you need to effectively clean your sink or toilet. The Tidy People's signature Lemon Rose Rocket scent is designed to make you feel like your senses are taking off in a rocket ship -- an uplifting mood booster with antibacterial properties!

What’s Inside:
• 16 ounce glass bottle with a screen printed label, filled with super concentrated cleaner, infused with high grade essential oils
• silicone protective sleeve for 16 ounce glass bottle
• pump dispenser
• measuring cup
• sink+toilet cleaner starter kit 101 guide

Benefits of Lemon Rose Rocket Essential Oils:

  • Lemon: Naturally sweet and citrus-y, lemon is a calming mood booster that can also help you find mental clarity. The anti-fungal anti-bacterial properties in lemon make this a great essential oil to clean with.
  • Litsea: If orange and lemon had a baby, it would be this. Litsea is strong citrus with subtle notes of spice and a wood-floral undertone. Naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Rose: This mood boosting essential oil is an alluring antiviral aphrodisiac that will leave a subtle lingering scent after the cleaning is done.

General Benefits:

  • vegan
  • phosphate-Free
  • phthalate free
  • chlorine & dye free
  • organic cleaner
  • eco friendly
  • refillable bottles
  • super concentrated
  • reduces landfill waste

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Capryl glucoside, organic cane alcohol, aqua, hydroxyethycellulose, organic essential oils: lemon, litsea, rose.


Paper carton and instructions.

End of Life Instructions

Paper carton can be recycled or composted. Glass spray bottle and sprayer are reusable. Please continue to refill and/or re-purpose. Glass bottle is recyclable. Silicone sleeve can be burned. Nozzle disposed of in landfill trash.

Where It Comes From

The Tidy People is a woman-owned business based in Portland, Oregon. Their founder Lora Ladd founded The Tidy People in 2008 as a home cleaning business after 14 years in the industry. She believes homemaking is an art and developed a line of all-inclusive, nontoxic, refillable cleaning products after serving over 1,000 clients.