15 Stocking Stuffers $15 or Less

Some people have an assumption that all sustainable and ethical products cost an arm and a leg, but that's just not true! Here are 15 products under $15 that make great stocking stuffers, secret Santa or white elephant gifts, or just a small token of holiday cheer for friends, neighbors, teachers, or colleagues.
  1. Way of Being Gift Card | A gift card is the best gift you can give someone if they haven't told you what they want. You support a small business with your purchase and maybe you're the one to introduce someone else to us! The recipient can then put the gift card towards a larger purchase or use the gift card to purchase more than one smaller item!
  2. Reusable Straws: Glass, Steel, Bamboo, or Boba | Do you even care about the environment if you don't have a reusable straw?!? Don't get stuck with a soggy straw or a plastic one that brings flashbacks of that poor turtle…be the proud owner (or gifter!) of a reusable straw. Did you know we even sell sleeves for them?
  3. Shampoo or Conditioner Bars | Practical gifts are sustainable gifts. The easiest sustainable swaps to make are ones that fit easily into routines that are already established. Either restock a friend or family member's favorite type of shampoo or conditioner bar, or gift them a sampler pack to try them out!
  4. Lip-to-Lid Balmie | The perfect tiny little makeup crayon that does it all! In actuality, it's the same size as a conventional lipstick and lasts just as long if not longer.
  5. Spork & Cork | Sporks are fun! Just say it out loud! SPORK! They also are great to store in a car or purse to be ready if needed!
  6. Reusable Bamboo Swabs | Again, practical gifts are sustainable gifts! Equipped with four different style swab tips, these can help with makeup, clean ears, or anything else a cotton swab might be used for.
  7. Bamboo Toothbrushes: for kids or adults | Choose fun colors and/or a cause that the gift recipient would love.
  8. Lip Balm | Small, smells delicious, and comes in fun colored tubes. Plus completely plastic free. We promise this will be a favorite lip balm!
  9. Bamboo Fiber Kids Cutlery Trio | Want something on the go for the bigger kids or adults in your life? Try these.
  10. Camamu Face, Hand & Body Soaps | One of our very favorite gifting items. So many scents, handmade in Portland, and such high quality for an affordable price.
  11. Incense Sticks | Leave these in the stockings and the gorgeous Glass Incense Holder under the tree.
  12. Veggie Huggers - Set of 5 | Colorful and useful…perfect for a stocking stuffer!
  13. Reusable Coffee Filters | For the coffee addict in your life.
  14. Facial Rounds (20-pack) | Use these to cleanse your face with some Makeup Remover (also makes a good stocking stuffer!).
  15. Flat Hair Ties (5-pack) | No such thing as too many hair ties if you ask us!

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