I Tried Shampoo and Conditioner Stones, These are My Thoughts

Hiya! I’m Sam, Way of Being’s Community Manager, and I’ve been trying out one of our newer products, our shampoo and conditioner stones!

My hair is pretty fine, always has been, and I’ve tried some shampoo bars in the past that haven’t jived with my hair type. I have never color-treated my hair or done anything more than blow-dry and straighten it a lot in high school, nearly a decade ago. At this point in my life, I maybe blow-dry it or style it with heat a handful of times a year. I was so intrigued by these beautiful “stones” and after reading a bit up on them, I decided to give them a shot.

Before starting them, I’d most recently been using liquid shampoo and conditioner I bought from a bulk refill store. I didn’t have any specific complaints about what I’d been using, however I felt like I was always dealing with dandruff. I took that into consideration when choosing which stones I wanted to try. I decided on the Fortify stones that are designed for fine, fragile or aging hair and imbalanced, vitamin-deficient scalp. They are meant to increase volume, texture and movement as it smoothes and shrinks the cuticle, ultimately improving the structural integrity of your hair and helping it grow to its full potential.


2 week update: I’ve been using the stones every time I shower, which has been very frequently since I work out most days and get kinda sweaty and gross. Immediately the white residue in my hair disappeared. Now I’m wondering if it was conditioner build-up and not dandruff…but either way, I’m happy. My hair feels soft and bouncy, and I feel like my waves have a little more volume.

I don’t use any product in my hair but am looking to add a styling cream of some sort in the near future to help hold my waves a bit better. When using the stones, the shampoo stone definitely feels like it is depositing product on my hands, the conditioner stone not as much. However, my hair is easy to comb through after my shower, which means the conditioner must be working, even if I can’t see physical evidence of product during my shower.

I’m relieved to say that my hair feels CLEAN and not at all waxy. When I had first tried a shampoo bar in 2018, I gave it a couple of months to let my hair adjust but it just did not work at all for me. My hair was so gross feeling and looking during that period. I have found zero need for an adjustment period with these stones and am looking forward to continuing to use them! 


6 week update: I've continued to use the stones every time I shower and started using the Lightweight Defining Curl Cream. The combo has been awesome. My hair feels so much thicker and it has more volume. My hair used to get all stringy as it dried, especially if I was trying to emphasize my wavy hair, but now it looks so much more full and healthy. I think next I'll try to add an apple cider vinegar rinse into my haircare routine to continue keeping my scalp healthy and avoid product build ups.

I highly suggest giving these stones a shot, and the curl cream if you want to give your hair some more body!

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