loofah soap cushion
loofah soap cushion
loofah soap cushion
loofah soap cushion

Loofah Soap Cushion

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Alternative to plastic soap dishes.

Loofah soap pillows have a dual function: the soap stays dry because wet soap and water remain in the bottom side of the pillow, where it can be used to clean the sink or countertop. If you prefer to keep your loofah soap cushion dry, keep it on a ventilated surface, such as a shower caddy. 

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Goes Great With:


Natural loofah plant.


Paper sleeve.

End of Life Instructions

Paper sleeve can be recycled or composted. Loofah can be composted.

Where It Comes From

Redecker is a family-owned businesses operating for three generations in Germany committed to making quality products that stand the test of time from natural, renewable resources.