The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor

The Leaf Razor

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Color Chrome

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Alternative to plastic razors.

Meet the modern Leaf razor—with a built-in pivoting head and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every time. 

  • Includes a 10 blade starter pack

Available in Gold, Chrome, and Prism (PRE-ORDER PRISM: Ships by Dec. 2nd)

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Goes Great With: 


Stainless steel razor and replacement blades. 


Paper box.

How to Use

To change the blades:

  • Open the blade holder by turning the screw counterclockwise. Load one, two, or three blades depending on your preference. Then, fasten the blade holder by turning the screw clockwise.
  • Load the top blade only for the mildest shave possible with The Leaf. Adding the middle blade gives you a moderately close shave. Using all three blades delivers the closest shave.

To shave:

  • Wash and gently exfoliate to remove dirt and impurities that may cause irritation.
  • Start with softened hairs and open pores—we recommend immediately after showering.
  • Lather using a good shave soap, ensuring skin and hair are coated.
  • Don't apply any extra pressure, let the weight of the razor do the work (don't press hard!).
  • If the razor is too aggressive, remove the bottom blade to dial things back.
  • Rinse the razor frequently with warm water—the razor and skin should always be damp.
  • Feel your skin to find places you may have missed and go over them again. For even closer results, repeat the process shaving against the natural direction of hair growth.

Care Instructions

Open razor and rinse thoroughly after each use. Allow to dry. 

If razor needs a deeper clean, use dish soap and a small brush (like an old toothbrush) to clean nooks & crannies. 

To remove buildup and water marks, soak razor in 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water for 10 minutes. Scrub with dish soap and an old toothbrush before towel drying. 

End of Life Instructions

Compost or recycle paper box.

Store used blades in the Blade Recycling Tin until full. Once full, send back to us to recycle, or recycle via your local scrap metal recycling service. 

Reuse handle, and when it can't be reused anymore, recycle via your local scrap metal recycling service, or mail back to us to recycle. 

Where It Comes From

Leaf is a Connecticut-based company that is Climate Neutral Certified and ships 100% plastic-free. 

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