The Gift Guide to Secretly Get Your Family to Live with Less Waste

Ah the holidays. The perfect opportunity to secretly entice everyone in your family to hop on board the low waste lifestyle train with you. They'll be so caught up in the ecstasy of gift giving and receiving, they'll be none the wiser to your covert mission to reduce your household waste. Muahahaha. Commence secret plot.

low waste gifts
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For the Baby Who Deserves the Very Best

low waste gifts

For Your Fur Babies

  • Cat Brush OR Dog Brush - Because they're such a good boy/girl/nonbinary animal and deserve to get a good brush now and then.
  • Dog Shampoo - And you probably should give them a bath one of these days...
  • Tennis Tumble - Keep your ball obsessed pup occupied with this puzzle toy.
  • Lint Brush - So people can tell how much you love your pet by how many pictures you share, not by how much you bring their fur with you everywhere you go.

low waste gifts

For the Little Ones Mostly in It for the Wrapping Paper

low waste gifts
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For the Teenager Who's More On Top of It Than You Are

low waste gifts
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For the One Who Makes Your Home a Haven

low waste gifts
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For the New Mama or Mama to Be

  • Texturizing Salt Spray - Because, let's be honest, she's about to have 10 seconds for her hair routine now.
  • Growing Belly Balm - So stretch marks are the last thing she's worrying about.
  • Nursing Pads - Reusable nursing pads made by a mom herself!
  • Nipple Salve - Be the one they think of when weird stuff starts happening to their nipples.
  • Happy Hair Burdock Shampoo Bar - Great for normal and thinning hair and perfect for when their hair and scalp have seen better days.
  • Get them a gift certificate to a local salon so they can feel that glow that everyone says they're supposed to have.
low waste gifts
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For the Parent Who's Always So on Top of It

  • Baby Balm Soap - So they can feel better about whatever their kids have been touching.
  • All Salve - Lip balm? Check. Something to put on owies? Check. 
  • UNpaper Towels - Great for keeping handy for whenever those inevitable spills come next.
  • Wool Dryer Balls - So they can cut down precious drying time on their laundry cycle and keep everything soft and bouncy without the nasty chemicals.
  • Sage & Rose Face Mist - For moments of zen between the chaos.
  • Emergency Kit - So they can feel good about being prepared for the worst.
  • Support a local chocolatier or bakery and get them some goodies they don’t have to share for once.
low waste gifts
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For the Parent Who Needs a Break

  • Let's not beat around the bush. Might they appreciate something in the wine, beer, cider, or spirits category? Probably. Some ideas:
    • A monthly subscription to sustainable wine featuring organic, small batch, and/or biodynamic wineries, include Plonk, Wine Awesomeness, and Winc.
    • Or grab a bottle or a case of wine from their favorite local winery.
    • Or a local, seasonal selection of beer or cider. A couple of our favorites: Base Camp Brewing’s S’more Stout or a cider from Double Mountain
    • Or get them a bottle for their top shelf from a local distillery. A couple of our favorites: Freeland Spirits and Wheyward Spirit
  • Or could they use a night away from the kitchen? Probably. A gift certificate to one of their favorite local restaurants would be a real treat.
  • Support a local spa and get them a gift certificate for a massage, acupuncture, or other treatment. 


low waste gifts
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For the Grandparents Who Miss the Good Ol' Days

  • Cedar Balls - A subtle hint that the moth ball smell can and should be avoided.
  • Clothes Pins - So they can start using that clothes line that's still in the backyard for some reason.
  • Reusable Cloth Wipes - Hankies are back! And oh-so-soft.
  • Clothes Drying Rack - Hang dry so your clothes can maintain heirloom status!
  • Basic 3-Piece Safety Razor - Don’t worry, they know how to use it!
  • Get them a subscription to their favorite newspaper or a magazine like National Geographic.


low waste gifts
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Stocking Stuffers for Everyone Under Your Roof

 low waste gifts
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Gifts the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

Be sure to check out our other gift guides for ideas for every friend in your group and anyone you know who's already excited about minimizing waste!

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