Enneagram Gift Guide

Gift giving is an art, and often a somewhat mind-boggling one at that. Choosing something for someone you care about that shows you thought about them specifically AND that they'll actually like enough to not end up going to waste can be quite a challenge. That's why we love gift guides and felt compelled to share options that got to the core of what that people like or need based on meaningful attributes.

We're big fans of the Enneagram over here. (Lindsay is a 5, Sam’s a 2, and I'm a 4.) Chichi Agorom, author of The Enneagram for Black Liberation describes our Enneagram types as the armor we feel we need to put on in order to feel safe, secure, loved, or accepted in the world. We like to think of them as our comfort zones, and each type can manifest in both healthy and unhealthy ways. For example, type 4s tend to be very introspective and more comfortable with all of their emotions including their darker ones than other types, which is a strength, but they might also have to be careful to not dwell in that dark place for too long. We've found learning about your Enneagram type to be super helpful in understanding our habits, and if you know them for your loved ones, it can help you build empathy for what they might be experiencing too!

We created this gift guide with suggestions that speak to the way each type shines and what might help them feel their best.

Type 1 | The Perfectionist

  • Conscientious, responsible, and ethical with a strong sense of right and wrong
  • Prefer to feel in control of one’s self and one’s environment
  • Looking to become more perfect versions of themselves and to make more perfect versions of their lives and relationships
  • Detail-oriented, believe in doing things correctly, and bring their best to all endeavors

Gift Suggestions:

For tending to the details others might miss: Tongue Scraper, Computer Cleaning Brush, Hairbrush & Comb Cleaning Set, or Duster

For helping heal and conceal blemishes, scars, and stains they'd rather you not see: You Dew You, Brightening C Serum, Stain Remover Bar, Porefect Toner, Razor Bump Serum, Pimple Mud, Arame Nourishing Eye Cream, Anti-Cellulite Brush

For unwinding from the pressure of trying to be perfect: Black Obsidian Facial Roller, Vibe, Rooted OilLihau Facial Mist, Seal the Deal, Lavender Hand & Body Cream

For those striving for purity inside and out: ONYX Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Bar, Underarm Detox Bar, Dry Facial Brush, Lint Brush, Tooth Polish, Nail Brush

Type 2 | The Helper

  • Generous, empathetic, nurturing
  • Want to be seen as helpful and know how to make other people feel seen and loved
  • Superpower is being able to sense what others need and respond without hesitation
  • Usually uncomfortable being in the spotlight

Gift Suggestions:

To share with a buddy in need: Flat Hair Ties, Snack Bag, Lip Salve, Everyday Sunscreen, Spork & Cork

For hosting their people for a home-cooked meal and a beverage or two: Cloth Napkins, Cotton Placemats, Bamboo Kitchen Utensils, Ceramic French Press, Pot Holder, Measuring Cup Set, Cold Brew & Tea Filter, Bamboo Straws, Sugar Spoon

To give themselves a moment of much deserved self care: Pumice Stone, Bath Brush, Incense Sticks, Body & Bath Oil

Type 3 | The Achiever

  • Success-oriented, pragmatic, adaptable, excelling, image-conscious
  • Charming, personable, industrious, competitive, and fast paced
  • Most likely at the helm of multiple projects and excel at all of them
  • Master problem solvers who are able to look at obstacles in the way of a goal and find ways around and over those obstacles. 
  • Shape-shift their image to fit whatever is expected of them in that moment

Gift Suggestions:

For an outward appearance that matches their values: Prep Primer, Shampoo & Conditioner Stone Set, Hand Mirror, Essential Hydrating Tonic, The Leaf Razor, Dry Shampoo, Oxygen Brightener

So their body can keep up with all the things they want to accomplish: Immunity Now, Heat Wave Body Oil, Insulated Canister, Menstrual Magic, Mesh Produce Bag, Deodorant Stick

For getting their hands dirty with their latest home project: Garden Tool Set, Garden Kneeling Pad, Get Dirty Gardening Soap, Gathering Garden Apron, Darning Mushroom, Set of 5 Nesting Steel Food Containers, Bulk Flour Bag, Bread Wrap, Dough Scraper


Type 4 | The Individualist

  • Warm, compassionate, introspective, expressive, creative, intuitive, supportive
  • Idealize being seen as exceptional, unique, authentic, original
  • Good at seeing the beauty and value in things that are overlooked
  • Comfortable with deep topics and emotions
  • Might have a unique style, niche interests, or express themselves through creative arts

Gift Suggestions:

Unique alternatives to daily essentials to keep up their non-confomist street cred: Liquid Tooth Cleanse, Crystal Deodorant, Cleansing Grains, Jelly Serum Bar

To surround themselves with beautiful things: Cosmic Rainbow Towel, Mind and Body Wash, Glass French Press, Dry Massage Brush, Nopalera Whole Body Cactus Soap, Compost Canister

For those that like to change their aesthetic with every mood: Polish Pads & Soy Nail Polish Remover, Eye Color Pencil, Eye Coal, Lip-to-Lid Balmie Set & Makeup Remover

Mood boosters for when their deep feels get the best of them: Rose-Colored Glasses, Seal the Deal, Luna Mood Balance + Sleep Salve, Calendula Sun Face, Hand & Body Soap

Type 5 | The Investigator

  • Analytical, persevering, sensitive, wise, objective, perceptive
  • Enjoy learning and gathering information about how the world works and topics that interest them
  • Self-sufficient and prefer to live lives of simplicity
  • Innovative, inventive, and capable of being pioneers in their fields
  • Desire to be capable and competent

Gift Suggestions:

Innovative items with some cool science behind them: Charcoal Water Filters Sticks, Vegetable Crisper Bags, Compost Canister, Tongue Scraper, Toothpaste Tabs with Fluoride Alternative, Aloha Youth Serum, Topical-C Powder

Simple staples they can rely on: Bamboo Pot Scraper, Loofah Scrubbers, Crystal Deodorant, Earth Oil, Wool Dryer Balls, Menstrual Cup

No-brainer multi-purpose products that get the job done: Clean House Soap, Glass Spray Cleaning Bottles, Half Gallon Bag, Moon Milk

Help fuel those brilliant minds of theirs: Reusable Coffee Filters, Lunch Bag, Quick Wits, Blue Me Away


Type 6 | The Loyalist

  • Committed, security-oriented, reliable, hard-working, responsible, trustworthy
  • Intuitive, skeptical, vigilant, and have a tendency to overthink
  • Believe in playing by the rules
  • Need to know plans well in advance
  • Loyal to their friends and beliefs

Gift Suggestions:

Tools to help them feel prepared for whatever comes at them: Eat/Drink Tool Kit, Unpaper Towels, Insect Repellent, All Salve, Upcycled Cotton Bib Apron, Seal Cup Trio

So they can follow all the doctors’ orders: Fire Cider, Lip and Cheek Tint with SPF, Essential Serum, Sport Sunscreen Spray, Steel Mason Jar Sprouting Lid, Prebiotic + Probiotic Supplement, Antibacterial Oral Rinse, Bamboo Flossing Toothbrush, Dissolvable Liquid Hand Soap Paste

Calm their overthinking minds and sometimes stressed bodies: Chill the F* Out, Sweet Dreams, Self Care Bath Soak, Soothe | Tea Tree Oil Treatment, Stress Less Soap

Verified products they can trust: All-Purpose Home Cleaner Bottle, Malu Day Cream SPF, Toothpaste Tabs with Fluoride, HiBar Shampoo Bars, Sandwich Bag, Dishwashing Block

Type 7 | The Adventurer

  • Fun-loving, spontaneous, imaginative, confident, charming, curious
  • Optimistic, upbeat, enthusiastic, and energetic
  • Find and create possibilities and look for silver linings
  • Constantly on the move, easily distracted, and fear missing out
  • Want to maintain freedom and happiness

Gift Suggestions:

Travel essentials for the constantly on-the-go: String Bag, Bamboo Toothbrush Case, Tinted SPF Moisturizer, Lotion Bar, Sage & Rose Face Mist, Pocket Bags, Soap Box, Travel-Size Toothpaste, Stand Up Bag

Everything they need to host the next dinner party or game night: Olive Wood Cooking Utensils, Waist Apron, Classic Glass Straws, Cake Tester, Bamboo Cutting and Serving Board, Table Runner

Fun, feel-good items for every day: Elation (Oh Joy!) Face, Hand & Body Soap, Happy Pot Brush, Vibe, Lip Balm, Mind and Body Wash, Aphrodisia

Type 8 | The Challenger

  • Self-confident, energetic, resourceful, straight-talking, decisive, assertive
  • Charismatic, strong willpower, possess leadership qualities
  • Tough-skinned personality and desire to be self-reliant
  • Want to be strong and avoid pain 
  • Always on the lookout for injustice and want to leave their mark

Gift Suggestions:

For maintaining control when on the go: Steel Utensil Kit, Stainless Steel Straw, Mondo Hair Ties, Travel Brush, Pocket Mirror, Vegan Lip Butter

Items that address injustice: Deep Serum, Oh Whale Aqua Mask, Toothpaste, MamaP Toothbrushes

To protect themselves from the elements and keep their bodies feeling strong: Heat Protectant Spray, Aller-Ease, Barrier Boosting Kiwi Essence, Bite & Burn Spray, Arnica Joint & Muscle-Warming Salve, Healing Bath Soak, Elderflower & Yarrow Eye Cream, Bamboo Bandages, Lemongrass Luck Soap

For a bold, confident aesthetic: Liquid Eyeliner, Brow Balm & Brush, Tattoo Balm, Essential Mascara, Black Obsidian Gua Sha, Lip Paint

Type 9 | The Peacemaker

  • Accepting, stable, optimistic, adaptable, agreeable, thoughtful, indecisive
  • Seek comfort by going with the flow, avoiding conflict, and creating routines and structures
  • Sometimes prioritize others’ needs and forget their own
  • Desire harmonious environments and like to keep them as they are

Gift Suggestions:

For hangs with all their big and little buddies: Hemp Dog Bone, Rubber Teething Toy, Beach Play Set, Dog Rope, Eco-Bricks PLUS, Hemp Cat Pyramid, Snake Cat Toy

Nice and easy routines that don’t rock the boat too much: Dishwasher Tabs, Day to Day Shampoo & Conditioner, Bamboo Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Laundry Pills, Butterfly Razor, Hand Brush & Dust Pan

One for them and one for their friend (that come in packs!): Stainless Steel Mugs, Boba Glass Straws, Pencils, Cloth Wipes/Tissues, Travel Utensil Set, Cloth Tea Strainers

For listening and tending to their needs: Follow Your Gut, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Soap Bag, Eucalyptus Steam, Sensitive Pit Deodorant Cream, Earth Oil, Turmeric Tonic Soap, Dream Weaver Mist

We hope this helps you gift for your loved ones! Let us know if you think we hit the mark!

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